Vinyl Dipmold Boat Wheel Covers

Better Than Steel Or Leather!

ColorWheelz is a long-lasting vinyl steering wheel cover for sailboats.  It will not absorb water and provides superior insulation from cold or hot wheels, giving you a comfortable, positive grip no matter what the conditions.

Durable and color-fast, ColorWheelz covers have been real world tested in all weather conditions over the past 30 years and will not wick water into your gloves like traditional leather wheel covers.

Our colors match many of the most popular bimini and dodger fabrics and compliment virtually any accent color. There are 14 colors in all… Teak, Marina Blue, Navy Blue, White, Forest Green, Grey, Black, Red, Gold, Purple, Sand, Teal, Medium Brown & Burgundy. Please call or email us for more information.

Bottom line, you’ll have comfortable and dry hands when you steer your boat with a ColorWheelz covered wheel. The difference will surprise you!

How to Order

Simply ship your wheel to us, and we’ll return it with a spectacular new finish!

It’s Easy!

  1. Print the Form Order Form (Visit the Adobe website for a FREE acrobat reader to view the .pdf order form)
  2. Determine the Pricing.
  4. Pack your Steering Wheel Wheel Packaging.
  5. Ship your package with your check or credit card information to:

5014 Rice Lake Road
Duluth, MN  55803

Phone: 218.722.7837

You will get your wheel back covered in the color, thickness and finish of your choice. Yes, it’s that easy!

Get 10% off the order if you ship two wheels together!

Pricing, Colors and Options

Please contact us for color availability before sending in your wheel.

Wheel Size and Cost

Under 20”    $152
21” to 24”    $162
25” to 28”    $174
29” to 32”    $187
33” to 36”    $202
37” to 40”    $219
41” to 44”    $238
45” to 48”    $310
49” to 52”    $336
53” to 56”    $365
57” to 60”    $429
61” to 63”    $475

Choose from 14 textured colors
While we have colors that are reminiscent of traditional leather, we thought you might have more fun with a little color. The colors will match many of the most popular bimini and dodger fabrics to beautify your boat by matching your color scheme. The textured finish is perfect for rugged and general use.

Textured double thick cover with Top Dead Center raised band on spoke.


Add $25 for a raised band.

If for some reason you wish you had changed your color scheme, whatever the reason, you can return your wheel to be re-covered at only half of the original price.

Ship Your Wheel To:

Scandia Marine Products
5014 Rice Lake Road Duluth, MN  55803
Phone: 218-722-7837

Three Easy Ways To Ship Your Wheel

Please Call for Best Practice Shipping and Packaging Tips
NOTE: The most economical way to ship your wheel to us is to

  1. Package it yourself (see our 3 examples)
  2. Pay for it online with Fed Ex or UPS. It’s easy and it will cost about one third of what it will cost if you bring it to their store for packaging and shipping.
    • For wheels 40″ and under (girth plus length must not exceed 130″) the cost should be about $30 in the lower 48.
    • For wheels 42″ to 52″ (girth plus length not o exceed 165″) the cost should be about $85 in the lower 48 states.
    • For wheels 54″ to 64″ the cost will be about $130 because it must ship by freight. Please call us at (218) 722-7837 to help make those arrangements.


Cardboard Only

  1. Cut two equal size pieces of corrugating cardboard to fit your wheel. Be sure to leave 2 to 3 inches extra on each side to accommodate the thickness of your wheel.
  2. Place wheel inside the cardboard and tape all open sides with filament packing tape. We also recommend you tape across the middle of each plane as shown above.


Foam Pipe Wrapped & Taped

Please Do Not Use Foam Pipe Wrap With Sticky Edges. It is our experience that delivery drivers generally take better care of exposed products, making wheel wrapping an acceptable way to ship your wheel.

  1. Cut standard plumbing pipe insulation foam (available at almost any hardware store) and wrap around the wheel as shown.
  2. Secure foam to wheel by winding it with shrink wrap material.


Foam Pipe Wrapped & Folded Cardboard

Please Do Not Use Foam Pipe Wrap With Sticky Edges

  1. Cut standard plumbing pipe insulation foam (available at almost any hardware store) and wrap around the wheel as shown.
  2. Cut two square pieces of cardboard, place the wheel between them with the cardboard pieces positioned at 45° angles from each other. Fold the corners around the wheel as shown.
  3. Tape each corner as shown.

The ColorWheelz Story

Lake Superior can be a cold place to sail. To keep hands dry and more comfortable, a helm wheel was vinyl dip covered in 1994. The process worked so well, others wanted their steering wheels covered too. In the summer of 2006 ColorWheelz began.